Natural Regions of Afghanistan – Geography Location

geography location of afghanistan

High¬†mountains¬†cover much of Afghanistan, with about one-half of the land over 2000 m (6600 ft) in elevation. Small glaciers and year-round snowfields are common. The highest peak, Nowshak (Noshaq), rises 7485 m (24,557 ft) on the northeast border and is a lower spur of the Tirich Mir peak in Pakistan. The Hindu Kush range extends … Read more

Economy of Afghanistan – Opportunities for Growth

afghanistan economy growth

In the mid-1990s, after a decade of Soviet occupation, war, and economic manipulation, followed by the ongoing civil war, the economy of Afghanistan was in shambles. Even in the 1970s, prior to the war, Afghanistan had one of the lowest standards of living in the world; things have declined since then, with the production, trafficking, … Read more

Afghanistan Population – Country Demographic

People demographic of afghanistan

The last official census in Afghanistan was in 1979 when the population registered at 15,551,358. The 1993 population estimate was 17,691,000, though the effect of the war-with its casualties and refugees have made it difficult to make a reliable estimate. In 1979 more than 85 percent of the population lived in rural areas, with about … Read more

Afghan Proverbs – Proverbs, Sayings and Quotes

proverbs and quotes of Afghanistan

Proverb: The first day you meet, you are friends. (yag roz didi dost) The next day you meet, you are brothers. (degare roz didi bridar) Meaning: Friendship grows into a brotherhood.   Proverb: A real friend is one who takes the hand of his friend in time of distress and helplessness. Meaning: A friend in … Read more

Environmental Issues – Impact of Climate Change

Climate change of afghanistan

Afghanistan has long been a land of marginal environment-too dry and too cold for much life. Thousands of years of environmental stress by the country’s people have dramatically altered the landscape and caused extensive environmental destruction. Because the Afghan people lack the financial means to purchase fuel, they must cut trees, uproot shrubs, and collect … Read more

Geneva Accords – Five Major Documents

Documents of Geneva Accords

By the mid-1980s, the tenacious Afghan resistance movement–aided by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and others–was exacting a high price from the Soviets, both militarily within Afghanistan and by souring the U.S.S.R.’s relations with much of the Western and Islamic world. Although informal negotiations for a Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan had been underway since … Read more