Buying Land in Afghanistan: What Americans Need to Know to Make Informed Decisions

Afghanistan real estate

Land ownership in Afghanistan has been debated extensively in recent years. While under the Afghan Constitution, the right of ownership of land is vested in the Afghan Government, there are a variety of ways for individuals and organizations to acquire or lease land for various purposes. In this article, we will be discussing these options … Read more

Current Flag of Afghanistan

Current Afghanistan Flag

Explanation for the colors of the flag Black = Occupation Red = Bloodshed (War) Green = Freedom Wheat in most of the flags in Afghanistan is the reminder of the legend that the first Aryan king Yama of Aryana (Ancient Afghanistan), and the first Afghan king Ahmed-shah were crowned with it.

Afghanistan Principal Cities – Provinces, Major Cities & Towns

afghanistan major cities

Kabul, the capital and largest city, had an estimated 1,424,400 inhabitants in 1988, but possibly less than 1 million in 1995 because so much of it has been destroyed. The city was once distinguished in Afghanistan for its well-lighted streets and modern buildings, but virtually no electricity exists anymore, and many of Kabul’s structures have … Read more

Natural Regions of Afghanistan – Geography Location

geography location of afghanistan

High¬†mountains¬†cover much of Afghanistan, with about one-half of the land over 2000 m (6600 ft) in elevation. Small glaciers and year-round snowfields are common. The highest peak, Nowshak (Noshaq), rises 7485 m (24,557 ft) on the northeast border and is a lower spur of the Tirich Mir peak in Pakistan. The Hindu Kush range extends … Read more